Quick n' Easy cuisine

See how easy it is to create with Miscela!
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Warm Pasta with
sundried tomato miscela

2 cups farfalle pasta
4 tablespoons of Sundried Tomato Miscela

Quinoa with
black bean miscela

2 cups of quinoa
4 tbsp Black Bean Miscela

Brown Rice with
Corn Miscela

2 cups brown rice
4 tablespoons Corn Miscela

Huevos Rancheros
Topped with
Black Bean Miscela

2 tablespoons vegetable oil
4 (6 inch) corn tortillas
4 eggs
Black Bean Miscela

Stuffed Mushrooms With
Olive Miscela

12 mushroom caps
4 tbsp breaadcrumbs (almond flour if gluten-free)
2 tbsp Olive Miscela
2 tsp feta, crumbled

Sundried Tomato Miscela
with Chicken Mascarpone

2 aired chilled chicken breasts, diced
1 container of Sundried Tomato Miscela
Mascarpone cheese